Below is a sampling of the products offered by various Surge subsidiaries:


SurgePhone offers discounted talk, text, and 4G LTE data wireless plans at prices that average 15% – 40% lower than competitors. (Unlimited plans start at just $10/mo) Available nationwide, SurgePhone also offers strategic discounts such as the Surge Heroes campaign that rewards teachers, first responders, active military and veterans with a free Android smartphone (

True Wireless is licensed to provide subsidized wireless service to qualifying low income customers in 5 states. Utilizing all 4 major USA wireless backbones, True Wireless provides discounted and free wireless service to over 60,000 veterans and other qualifying federal programs such as SNAP (EBT) and Medicaid.

SafeHomePhone is a nationwide home phone alternative. This product has a modem that connects to the PCS network and allows customers to plug in their traditional home phone without paying the local phone company or worrying about wiring. Customers can save 60% or more and keep their same number.

The SurgePhone Volt 5XL’s slim, sturdy design fits comfortably in your hand and easily in your pocket. It’s mesmerizing 5” LCD touchscreen display delivers an HD entertainment experience for your favorite videos and movies, while dual front and back cameras allow you to capture stunning photos. Plus, with an expandable micro SD memory slot, you can add even more storage for your best memories.


SurgePays Visa is targeted for a Q42018-Q1-2019 launch. This card will perform the functions of a traditional credit card and also a checking account for the unbanked or credit challenged. The SurgePays card will offer safety, security and convenience of using the card anywhere that accepts Visa. Customers will be able to access their accounts from the connected app to remit money to friends and relatives while avoiding costly fees. In addition, customers will also be able to take a picture of their paycheck and load the cash to their cards (eliminating costly check cashing fees).

Surge Money Order will launch in the Midwest and southeast in Q1 2019. This is a natural add-on to our convenient store Fintech product suite and will ensure we box out any other stand-alone product competitors. Entering the $20 Billion a year money order business will enable unbanked customers to send secure payments.


The goal of the SurgePays Portal is to provide every Fintech and Telecom product available to convenient stores, corner markets, bodegas, and supermarkets. These products include everything from our own technology products such as SurgePhone Androids, SurgePhone Wireless Service, Wireless Top-ups, Bill Payments, Pinless LD, Money Remittance, Money Orders and Reloadable MasterCard/Visa/Discover debit load cards to distributing partner company’s consumables such as energy drinks, CBD oils, and snacks etc.


Surge Cryptocurrency strategically mines Ethereum, Litecoin and cryptocurrencies. The Company’s mining operation consists of 136 machines pooled together with other machines in a mining pool to maximize the processing power and yields. This operation is does not require any Surge human capital and runs 24/7. The goal for this subsidiary is to hold Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple and Stellar as digital assets with the expectation of future appreciation.

The Surge Utility Token is part of our rewards program intended to incentivize customer loyalty while also encouraging each customer to purchase additional Surge services. For example a wireless customer should also become a SurgePays Visa holder and or other products in the Surge ecosystem as we expand. The Surge Tokens are issued on the Ethereum blockchain and are ERC-20 compliant. The tokens will be used for redeeming gifts and prizes from the Surge Rewards website. The launch target for the Surge Utility Token is Q4 2018

TokenSpinner is the first smartphone app that Surge Holdings Inc. has developed with a launch date target of Q4 2018. The app provides a simple game of chance spin of the wheel to win a prize. The app has multiple Ad Network feeds that pay Surge per impression. Players of the game have an opportunity to earn additional spins by participating in other activities (where Surge is compensated) like watching videos or filling out surveys. The prizes will vary from gift cards, to electronics and of course Surge Tokens.


Surge Logics is a full service digital advertising agency, specializing in lead generation, Pay Per Call, landing page optimization and managed ad spending.

Our primary media buying platforms are Google AdWords, Facebook, Instagram and Bing, with having had managed over $15,000,000 Facebook and $100,000,000 on Google alone. We have a call center that can handle Live Call Transfers, Customer Service Support, Lead Verification and Attorney Case Support. Our certifications are in Google Search and Display.