Latest Updates

Latest Updates


Surge Holdings Announces Asset Purchase Resulting in the Addition of 9,800 Retail Locations and an Expected $48.7 Million of Annualized Revenue*

Asset Purchase Agreement with GBT Technologies to Acquire its ECS Prepaid Wireless Business and Software Platform

Plan to Cross Market SurgePays™ Network Products,
SurgePays™ Reloadable Debit Card, SurgePhone Wireless and SIM Starter Kits to the New 9,800 Retail Locations

Transaction expected to be immediately accretive to earnings

Memphis, TN – October 3, 2019 – Surge Holdings, Inc. (“Surge”) (OTCQB: SURG), developer of the SurgePays™ Network for independent retailers, today announced it has entered into an agreement with GBT Technologies Inc. (OTC PINK: GTCH) to acquire the assets of its ECS Prepaid Business, Electronic Check Services business and the Central State Legal Services business.

Brian Cox, Chairman and CEO of Surge Holdings, commented, “This acquisition marks another major milestone for the Company, as we expect these businesses to immediately add over $48.7 million in annualized revenue, bringing our expected annualized revenue run rate to over $60.0 million.  This transaction also adds over 9,800 retail customer locations to which we can now cross market our SurgePays Network products, SurgePays™ Reloadable Debit Card, SurgePhone Wireless and SIM Starter Kits. I look forward to integrating our operations with the experienced team and infrastructure at ECS, which we expect to generate significant operating synergies, including elimination of redundant expenses, to enhance profitability of the combined entities.  In the meantime, we continue gaining traction in the market and are moving ahead aggressively with the rollout of the SurgePays Network through AATAC, one of the largest private trade associations, representing over 110,000 retail locations.  The transaction also enhances our shareholders’ equity, which brings us another step closer to our near-term goal of listing on a national exchange.  We look forward to providing further updates on this integration as well as our rollout with AATAC and other organizations.”  

Surge Holdings paid $5 million in consideration – 3,333,333 shares of Surge Holdings common stock and a $4 million note.  Additional details regarding the transaction were included in yesterday’s Form 8-K filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

*Annualized revenue is assumed if the Company had completed the acquisition on January 1 of the current fiscal period.  The $48.7M is based on the gross revenue of the acquired businesses for the fiscal year ended December 31, 2018.  The Company has not completed an audit on the value and annualized revenue is not a basis in accordance with accounting principles generally accepted in the United States.   Such amounts have not been audited by the Company.



SurgePays™ Visa® Prepaid Card utilizes state of the art fintech to address the financial needs of the more than 68 million unbanked and underbanked adults in the United States

Offers flexibility including allowing employers to directly load payroll to employee’s cards as well as the ability to “Photo Load” paychecks and other checks

Free Personalized card, no credit check, no activation fee and no monthly maintenance fee

Memphis, TN – August 22, 2019 – Surge Holdings, Inc. (“Surge”) (OTCQB: SURG), developer of the SurgePays™ Network for independent retailers, today announced that its wholly owned subsidiary, SurgePays Fintech, Inc., has completed development and successfully launched the SurgePays™ Visa® Prepaid Card (the “Card”).

In addition to the benefits of increased safety, security, and convenience of using the Card anywhere that accepts Visa®, some of the integrated life enhancing benefits for SurgePays Cardholders, include ATM withdrawals, the ability to accept direct loading wages and earnings from employers, loading the card by taking a picture of the front and back of paychecks and other checks (“PHOTO LOAD”), accessing accounts from the Card app on their mobile device; as well as TRANSCARD usage, which allows users to send money to friends and relatives locally and internationally.

In 2012, the FDIC issued a report stating that approximately 68 million adults living in the United States were unbanked or underbanked. The Card is designed to provide these people, and the additional immigrant population, a convenient way to manage their money starting with simple online signup that features no credit check, no activation fee, a free personalized card and no monthly minimum balance or monthly maintenance fees.  Customers can sign up for the card now at:

The Company’s wholly owned subsidiary, SurgePays Fintech, Inc., is headed by Kenneth Reaves, Ph.D. Dr. Reaves has been a pioneer in the prepaid debit card industry while previously spearheading two of the most successful card launches and rollouts of the last 20 years. 

Dr. Reaves, President of SurgePays Fintech, Inc., stated, “The SurgePays™ Visa® Prepaid Card is “THE ONLY CARD THAT YOU WILL NEED IN YOUR WALLET” to obtain and maintain control of your money.  The Card delivers our cardholders life enhancing features and services.  For the millions of individuals who wait in line to pay high fees to cash their checks, they now have an alternative to seamlessly load their checks onto their SurgePays™ Visa® Prepaid Card. Cardholders can add secondary cards to their account as a way to facilitate transfers to family members in the US and abroad.  The fintech solutions delivered through the SurgePays™ Visa® Prepaid Card will provide significant tangible benefits to so many in their daily activities.”

Brian Cox, Chairman and CEO of Surge Holdings, commented, “We believe Dr. Reaves has done a fabulous job utilizing his wisdom and experience to navigate the over one-year planning, development and integration of the Card. His team’s ability to position Surge with a strategic card in a sector that has significant barriers to entry reinforces our overall goal of increasing shareholder value. I am excited about the additional life enhancing benefits currently being integrated as well as the national rollout.”

Anthony Nuzzo, President of Surge Holdings, Inc stated, “Our competitive advantage is our ability to offer this card with a discounted fee structure with the goal to create a larger and more loyal customer base looking to stretch their money further by taking advantage of our other Surge products and rewards programs. We believe the Card will become an important profit center and we look forward to introducing additional differentiated products through our network in order to drive value for our partners and shareholders.”



Completes installation of SurgePays™ Network in first stores

Initial product placement orders for 250,000 SurgePhones and 500,000 SIM Starter Kits for planned deployment into 40,000 stores

Announces $2.8 million of purchase orders related to SurgePays™ Network

Memphis, TN – August 15, 2019 – Surge Holdings, Inc. (“Surge”) (OTCQB: SURG), developer of the SurgePays™ Network for independent retailers, today provided a business update and announced financial results for the second quarter ended June 30, 2019.

Brian Cox, CEO and Chairman of Surge Holdings, commented, “I am pleased that we have commenced our rollout with AATAC, one of the largest private trade associations, representing over 110,000 retail locations. They are truly an ideal partner—providing the ability to accelerate our rollout across the United States.  The first 750 stores being installed in Tampa provide us the real data to refine the installation process and create efficiencies to ramp to over 3,000 stores a month. We have invested in the expansion of both our Memphis fulfillment facilities and our Centercom operations center in Central America to accommodate our expected growth. Having built industry leading operations in the past, our team had the experience to foresee what we believe will be necessary to support our growth.  We believe we now have everything in place to execute and are focused on growing both our retail distribution base as well as adding additional products to the SurgePays™ Network, a first of its kind fintech network connecting independent retailers, manufacturers and consumers.  Our phase one with AATAC has already resulted in approximately $2.8 million in purchase orders and we look forward to quickly scaling into phase two and additional target markets.”

“Additionally, AATAC representatives are providing their network of retailers our point-of-sale display to prominently showcase the SurgePhone and SIM Card products in store, while training merchants on the SurgePays™ Network. Our SurgePays™ Network offers the merchant a wholesale marketplace to order products from regional manufacturers.  At the same time, manufacturers are now able to distribute their products nationwide in a more efficient and effective manner. The platform will also allow us to market a wide variety of our own value-added products including SurgePhone Wireless, and, upon launch, the SurgePays™ Prepaid Visa® card. In fact, the initial product placement orders to deploy into 40,000 stores is 250,000 SurgePhones and 500,000 SIM Starter Kits.”

“During the quarter, we announced the signing of two distribution agreements for products we have added to our platform. In early June, we reported signing an agreement with Weekend Warrior Wellness, a brand of Contigo Products, LLC, to distribute its ‘5-Hour Hemp Energy Shots,’ ‘Energy Mints with CBD’ and ‘Mint Strips with CBD’ through our SurgePays™ Network. In addition to Weekend Warrior Wellness, we announced in late June that we entered into an agreement with Brimhall Foods Company, Inc., a leading regional manufacturer and distributor of quality snack food items throughout the Southeast under the BRIM’S brand, to distribute its BRIM’S snack foods nationwide through our SurgePays™ Network. We are excited about expanding the products we distribute as we believe this will provide us an important incremental revenue stream, in addition to providing a new profit center for the independent store owners.”

“It is important to note that we have begun to transition our telecom business away from True Wireless.  As per our plan, we expect to see a steady decline in True Wireless as SurgePhone and SurgePays™ revenues increase, due to the fact we are reallocating resources towards those businesses. While the True Wireless business played an important role in the past and has generated valuable cash flow to fund our activities, we believe the opportunities presented by the SurgePays™ Network dwarf those of True Wireless, while also eliminating our reliance on government subsidies and replacing it in short order with high margin recurring revenue. I have spent years developing an ad driven free service that yields equivalent or higher revenues than our government subsidized reimbursements.  I cannot imagine a better offering to rapidly grow our customer base than a free basic plan.  As a result, we are extremely encouraged by the outlook for the Company and feedback we have received from the stores that have already implemented our platform,” concluded Mr. Cox.


Surge Holdings eyes big growth from new home in Bartlett area

With aggressive growth plans, Surge Holdings Inc. has moved its company headquarters from Las Vegas to the Brother Boulevard corridor in Bartlett. The company’s proprietary software platform connects independent retailers, manufacturers and consumers – and the company hopes to expand its reach with the move here. For the full article, click here.



Initial Deployment Underway to Over 700 Independent Retail Stores in Florida

Memphis, TN – July 18, 2019 – Surge Holdings, Inc. (“Surge”) (OTCQB: SURG), developer of the SurgePays™ Network for independent retailers, today announced that it has successfully launched the SurgePays™ Retail Blockchain Network within the first retail locations. The launch is being conducted through Surge’s partnership with AATAC, one of the nation’s largest private trade associations spanning over 110,000 stores across the United States. SurgePays™ is expected to go live in over 700 AATAC-affiliated stores in the Tampa region over the next 30 days. SurgePays™ is a first of its kind fintech network connecting independent retailers, manufacturers, and consumers. As previously announced, the Company plans to roll out the SurgePays™ platform through the AATAC network across an initial target of 40,000 independent retail locations nationwide, starting with markets in Florida, followed by Virginia and Texas.

Brian Cox, Chairman and CEO of Surge Holdings, commented, “We have now entered the activation phase of the rollout, which includes on-boarding stores and product delivery. The formal launch of our SurgePays™ Network with AATAC marks a major milestone for the company. For a rollout of this magnitude, we have worked tirelessly for months on the planning, product logistics, training, in store fixtures, and enrollment software. AATAC has been a tremendous resource providing data and knowledge to enable us to refine the onboarding and contract process. AATAC’s help has resulted in an enhanced 2.0 version of our SurgePays™ software as well as a SurgePhone point-of-sale display to showcase the SurgePhone and SIM Card products. While this additional work has taken time, I am confident that the investment will reap great rewards in both top line revenue, as well as faster onboarding of additional retail stores. Following the initial deployment phase, our plan is to incorporate feedback and make any necessary adjustments to enhance efficiency and improve the user experience. Our goal is to increase the amount of installations over the next 2-3 months, with the ultimate goal to install the system in at least 3,000-4,000 locations per month. We believe that we are on track to achieve our previously stated goal of installing the system in approximately 40,000 locations over the next twelve months.”

“We are extremely encouraged by feedback from both retailers and manufacturers, as we believe the SurgePays™ Network has the potential to transform the retail supply chain by eliminating middle-men distributors. The system empowers independent stores to select, order, and fulfill delivery of wholesale goods nationwide. At the same time, we believe the system enables manufacturers to efficiently achieve mass distribution through a cost-effective nationwide platform.”

“In addition to connecting retailers and manufacturers through the network, the network supports value added products such as SurgePhone™ Wireless, the SurgePays™ Visa® prepaid card, and a variety of consumer products. By offering aggressive wholesale pricing, we can offer retailers a new source of high margin revenue, thereby enhancing the value and profitability of our network.”




In an effort to increase our visibility and accessibility as we prepare for our uplisting to NASDAQ, Surge has engaged the Investor Relations Firm Crescendo Communications, LLC.

The Surge Investor Relations telephone number was recently changed.  You can now access the Surge’s Investor Relations team by calling 901-302-9587 and pressing option 2.

We are truly excited about the anticipated updates. As you know, we cannot give individual investors specific updates outside of what has been publicly released, so please be patient for our official announcements!

Have a great weekend!

David C. Ansani
Chief Administrative Officer