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“Thank you for your interest in Surge Holdings, we are very excited about our future, and hope to have you aboard as an investor.”

– Brian Cox, CEO, Surge Holdings, Inc.

Surge Holdings is a broad-based technology company that has ventures and provides services in telecommunications, Fintech, and blockchain-oriented technologies.

Led by a proven “ahead of the game” CEO, the management team has been assembled specifically for being well-positioned within the marketplace and poised for sustainable growth utilizing experience, existing systems and scalable human capital.

Surge holds a competitive advantage delivering Telecom and FinTech products to underserved markets by owning both online and physical merchant network distribution channels. DigitizeIQ and SurgePays situate our products in front of customers physically where they shop or through social media. 

Surge Holdings has established complete control of the marketing arm, main distribution channels and the payment mechanisms for its existing products, new products in development and any other profitable products that make both sense and cents.

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Daniel Wong
Omnivance Advisors, Inc.

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