Surge Holdings owns the companies below. In addition to these subsidiaries, our team will continue to seek out high growth, high multiple companies in the FinTech and Telecom sectors to acquire.

Surge Blockchain

Blockchain Software as a Service (SaaS) applications and secure transactions based on the premise of making life better or more convenient.

The rollout of the licensed utility payments software is among several applications in development, including: TokenSpinnerBitcoinSmartphoneBitcoin Secure Exchange, Token Payday and of course – the SURGE Token! We will continue to explore this new Blockchain frontier searching for profitable applications.

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Surge Cryptocurrency Mining

Capitalizing on the opportunity and ability to mine digital currency that can appreciate in value while bolstering the balance sheet. The scalability of mining is also intriguing due to minimal human capital involved simultaneous with appreciating results.

For more information on how you can be more involved in mining with us, click below:

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True Wireless

True Wireless LLC is a nationwide wireless carrier with the ability to provide service over all 4 major USA wireless backbones. True currently provides discounted wireless (cell phone) service to over 60,000 customers. True Wireless has a number of products and rollouts under development: Safe Home Phone (Low cost home phone alternative), Heart Mobile (wireless service for the elderly and persons with disabilities), Contigo Movil (wireless service for Hispanics living in the USA).

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Digitize IQ

A full service social media marketing agency, specializing in lead generation, landing page optimization, and many other kinds of ad magic by driving  business and increasing revenue for our clients. Specializing in Google Ads, Facebook marketing among other social media / influencer lead delivery.

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