The technology holdings are categorized below. In addition to these products and subsidiaries, our team will continue to seek out products and or companies in these categories that will increase shareholder value.

Surge Fintech

SurgePays is a high revenue product delivery platform providing all forms of telecom products to corner stores, wireless stores, gas stations and Hispanic stores. Essentially it allows any merchant to instantly become a virtual wireless store by allowing customers to add minutes to any no-contract or prepaid carrier such as Tracfone, Boost etc. As the network of stores rapidly builds out across the USA, this will also be a perfect delivery product for the Surge Telecom wireless service and handsets.

The Blockchain FinTech Software as a Service (SaaS) launched in January 2018. CEO Brian Cox grew a similar FinTech company from $0 to over $10mil/mo. Watch the daily revenue growth in realtime!  Revenue Dashboard Tracker.

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Surge Communications

True Wireless LLC is a nationwide wireless carrier with the ability to provide service over all 4 major USA wireless backbones. True currently provides discounted wireless (cell phone) service to over 60,000 low income customers.

Surge Phone will launch in March 2018 and will be a value based, nationwide wireless company while also providing custom manufactured Androids with Surge monetizing apps.

Safe Home Phone is a nationwide home phone alternative. Customers can save 60% or more and keep their same number. Prices start at $9.99 a month!

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Surge Cryptocurrency Mining

Capitalizing on the opportunity to mine digital currency and essentially create usable balance sheet assets, this subsidiary currently owns and or manages over $500,000 in mining equipment. These L3+  and A4 Mining Rigs work 24/7 generating balance sheet assets (Litecoin – LTC)  for Surge. The created LiteCoin are then placed in trading accounts and multiplied utiltizing Custom A.I. Bot Strategies created for Surge.

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Surge Social Media Marketing

Digitize IQ is a full service social media marketing agency specializing in Google Ads, Facebook and affiliate marketing among other social media / influencer lead delivery. Not only does the Media company drive its own revenue with outside clients, Surge leverages the expertise of the full blown “in house” media department for all aspects of planning full scale marketing rollouts to mass distribute Surge subsidiary products. This includes graphic art layouts, ad creation, website buildouts, database programming, media planning and analytics pivoting and ultimately delivering a competitive sales advantage for all Surge products.

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