Surge Holdings, Inc

The technology holdings are categorized below. In addition to these products and subsidiaries, our team will continue to seek out products and or companies in these categories that will increase shareholder value.

Below are summaries of Surge Holdings Telecommunications, Fintech and Blockchain-oriented Technologies products and services.  Surge does in fact own other profitable technology subsidiaries. These other companies are strategically supporting the larger subsidiaries while providing R&D along with additional revenue.

Surge Communications

True Wireless LLC is a licensed ETC wireless carrier in 5 states. Utilizing all 4 major USA wireless backbones, True  provides subsidized wireless service to over 60,000 veterans and other qualifying federal programs such as SNAP (EBT) and Medicaid.  True is in late stage negotiations to sign a marketing partnership that would open up 20 additional states.

SurgePhone Wireless  mined the data from hundreds of millions of dollars in network transactions to create the three most popular plans by demand in the USA.  By leveraging control of the marketing, distribution and payments, SurgePhone can offer each of these plans at prices 15% – 40% lower than competitors. SurgePhone Wireless Launched April 2018.

Safe Home Phone is a nationwide home phone alternative. Customers can save 60% or more and keep their same number. Prices start at $9.99 a month!

Projects in Development with 2018 Target Launch: SurgePhone Smartphones (first batch of 20,000 custom Androids arrive in June 2018), Heart Mobile (Wireless service for people with disabilities and the elderly), Contigo Mobile (Hispanic oriented Wireless Service)

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