CEO Vision

To understand my vision of Surge, you must think of our interworking subsidiaries functioning as global divisions with the purpose of each generating self-sustaining revenue while leveraging off one another to propel our growth.

We are not building a simple linear company, a project or stock deal. We are focused with a burning desire for this company to be a life changing net worth event for all involved. This effort will be led by a team of extremely smart and already successful individuals. I am leading this team to actively do something to add value to ownership of our stock every single day.

Most importantly, my team executes and finishes exactly what we say we will do.

My top-line vision is to hold a competitive advantage delivering Telecom and FinTech (Financial Technology) products to underserved markets by owning both online and physical merchant network distribution channels. I believe that we must either be in front of customers physically where they shop or to influence them via social media. We now control our destiny in both distribution channels with the subsidiaries you see on this website.

Surge Holdings has complete control of the marketing arm, main distribution channels and the payment mechanisms for its existing products, new products in development and any other profitable products we come across that make both sense and cents.

If you are evaluating Surge, then I want to thank you for your interest. If you are an existing shareholder, then for your support.

I am all-in and committed to the success of this company.

Brian Cox