CEO Vision

My model for business building over the last 18 years has been based on the rock of reoccurring revenue from life enhancing technology products. Lifting people up.

My vision for Surge Holdings is to organically grow and or acquire subsidiaries that drive rapidly growing, reoccurring revenues within the scope of delivering technology products and services to the value-minded, unbanked, under-banked, and the overlooked.

I see Surge providing EVERY Fintech and Telecom product to these corner markets by utilizing our proprietary Surge Blockchain SaaS Portal to create a distribution railway into these stores. We will distribute everything from our own technology products such as Androids, Wireless Service, Wireless Top-ups, Bill Payments, Pinless LD, Money Remittance, Money Orders and Reloadable MasterCard/Visa/Discover debit load cards to distributing partner company’s consumables such as energy drinks, CBD oils and snacks etc.

It is my belief that 1/3 of the country will never be candidates for the “Amazon Primes” of the world. These folk’s goods and services will continue to be purchased at corner stores, markets and bodegas near their homes. By building a distribution railway into these mom-n-pop stores across the USA….while becoming a trusted profit partner, we will ultimately be paving the way to distribute any product provided to this market segment of the country via the corner markets.

With a driving purpose to create something special, we have built our team of over 120 members at all levels of the organization to scale far beyond what is needed to uplift this company to a top tier exchange. Our expansion will be through aggressively building the network of merchant stores across the country while also cornering the online market through the social media influencing efforts of our digital marketing subsidiary.

We are focused with a burning desire for this company to be a life changing net worth event for all involved. We will do something to add value to ownership of our stock every single day. If you are evaluating Surge, then I want to thank you for your interest. If you are an existing shareholder…. thank you for your support.


Brian Cox


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