CEO Vision

The Vision
My strategy for business building over the last 18 years has been based on recurring revenue from providing life-enhancing technology products to the unbanked.

In 2017, I made the decision to merge my telecom and software companies, products, and fantastic team into Surge Holdings Inc. with the specific purpose of leveraging the years of experience delivering profitable products and services to the underbanked while understanding how to thrive and seize opportunity during the controlled chaos of a hyper-growth environment.

Surge is unique…there is no other company that has built a blockchain software platform allowing the merchant store owner to do wireless top-ups for all prepaid wireless companies, load cash onto Visa debit cards and have access to an image driven, categorized wholesale product portal with one click ordering. We can deliver our core Surge products (SurgePhone Wireless Free Service and SurgePays Reloadable Visa) and procure an unlimited number of “products that sell” to convenience stores and corner markets around the country.

Even more, Surge is positioned to be an integral profit partner for each mom-n-pop store owner. This is a key part of the long term value that Surge will possess….not just high volume revenue, but the “in the checking account” access to deliver products to a very difficult to attain network of corner markets around the country. As new products come along, we simply introduce them to the store, enabling the quick transaction, while sending the remaining fulfillment order to the respective shipping facility.

I see Surge being the premier gateway portal to deliver products and services to these corner stores nationwide. Surge can accomplish for corner market store owners what Amazon has accomplished for residential customers. Surge provides a platform that enables regional manufacturers to get nationwide exposure for their products while at the same time empowering the corner store the ability to choose wholesale goods from around the country and an additional discount considering there is no middleman distributing sales team. Win – Win – Win.

My personal goal is to have 100,000 convenience store locations in our SurgePays network with each store processing an average of $1,000 a month by 2021.

Our exceptional team is over 120 members strong in Memphis, Chicago, Oklahoma City, Las Vegas, and El Salvador. We have built to scale far beyond what is required to not only uplist to NASDAQ, but to push far beyond that initial goal by leveraging the increased liquidity and exposure to hit the gas even harder while accelerating revenue growth.

We are ready for 2019.…The year of results.

The Commitment
I am the majority shareholder of Surge Holdings Inc. stock, and I assure you, I am focused with a long term vested interest and burning desire to do something to add value to the ownership of our stock and overall “price per share” performance every single day.

Please make sure to sign up for our news alerts so you can stay on top of all the exciting milestones we achieve together. If you are evaluating Surge Holdings Inc., then I want to thank you for your interest. If you are an existing shareholder…. thank you for your support.


Brian Cox


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