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Centercom Provides Surge a Competitive Advantage and Core Infrastructure to Significantly Scale Revenue in 2019 Growth Strategy.

Las Vegas, Jan. 17, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Surge Holdings, Inc. (OTCQB: SURG), the Las Vegas-based Technology, Telecom and Blockchain FinTech Software company announces today the completion of an agreement to acquire a 40% equity ownership of Centercom Global, S.A. de C.V (“Centercom”). Centercom is a dynamic operations center currently providing Surge sales support,
customer service, IT infrastructure design, graphic media, database programming, software development, revenue assurance, lead generation, and other various operational support services for SURG.

Brian Cox, CEO of SURG, said “I am pleased to report the smooth closing of our agreement with Centercom. We now have the accessible bilingual human capital to support our strategic plan to grow the right way. As an example, the Centercom CTO is already at our administrative HQ in Memphis, working directly with our Surge CTO, planning for our next generation data center in advance of new product rollouts such as the SurgePays Reloadable Visa Card for the underbanked.”

The primary Centercom initiatives to support SURG 2019 growth plans are:

  • Assisting in onboarding SurgePays Portal into over 40,000 retail locations and subsequent ongoing white glove support
  • Aggressively marketing new “Free Wireless Service” program to substantially grow customer base while beefing up customer service
  • Launch SurgePays Reloadable Visa Card by end of 1st Quarter
  • Support our IT infrastructure including database management
  • Upsell related FinTech products to our existing customer base to increase revenue

Cox further added, “I cannot emphasize enough to our shareholders that the foundation work for my build out checklist has been successfully completed as promised. The key indicators for Surge success and my new checklist and focus for 2019 is to increase our customer base across all product verticals, grow our retail distribution network and incorporate more products to accelerate the growth of top-line revenue. Centercom resources support these initiatives and allow me to think and go big, including exploring strategic acquisitions, without worrying about methodically scaling growth.”


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