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SURG to Offer the First Free Wireless Service that is Not Subsidized by the Government


LAS VEGAS, NV (January 9, 2019)
Surge Holdings, Inc.  (OTCQB: SURG), the Las Vegas-based Technology, Telecom and Blockchain FinTech software company announces the first free wireless service not subsidized by the government.

The SurgePhone Wireless  free unlimited plan is available online and will be the flagship product rolled out to a network of approx. 40,000 retail stores throughout the United States. Customers can purchase a SurgePhone Google Certified Android Smartphone for under $100 or simply get a Free SIM starter kit and use with their own unlocked GSM device. Surge anticipates ad revenue of $10 generated from each user service plan, where the more the phone is used the greater the revenue generated. The SurgePhone also becomes the hub for customers to receive the full suite of Surge FinTech products and services.

Brian Cox, CEO of SURG, said “We have now removed any barrier to bringing customers into the SURG ecosystem of products, including the upcoming SurgePays™ reloadable Visa card and rewards program. This free, yet profitable product will also allow us to bring on more stores offering our products which should accelerate the company towards my goal of 100,000 points of distribution across the country. This product will also accelerate our customer acquisition where we can preload and market related Surge products and services for significant additional revenue streams. This unprecedented service truly hits our mission of delivering our customers life enhancing products and services.”

There are no credit checks, contracts or otherwise intrusive obstacles to become a SurgePhone customer. SurgePhone will disrupt the traditional wireless industry by monetizing home screen ad network impressions through strategic technology partnerships. SurgePhone is now a free wireless solution for the unbanked, people with credit challenges, teens, seniors or anyone in between simply looking to cut costs.

Cox further added, “Our Free plan was constructed utilizing data from years of wireless usage reports to determine what the average person is actually using a month. The main thing we want to accomplish is to be able to offer free unlimited texting with a sufficient amount of talk and data included so that we have the customer in our network. This growing network provides a launch and distribution platform for both vendor partners and all of our other Surge products available today and in the future.”

4 Billion people are connected through mobile phones daily while 85% of the time spent on smartphones is in apps. Approximately $192 Billions is spent on mobile advertising each year.


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