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Secure Blockchain Infrastructure is the Foundation for Accelerated Expansion of Retail Network Locations and FinTech Growth.

Las Vegas, November 28, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Surge Blockchain, the wholly owned subsidiary of Surge Holdings, Inc. (Surge) (OTCQB: SURG) announces the December 15th launch of the significantly updated SurgePays™ FinTech software platform and portal.

Surge Holdings CEO, Brian Cox, stated, “This infrastructure development and milestone will allow us to keep up with our side of the agreements that we have made for store acquisitions and network growth over the next 12 months. I believe it’s even more significant when considering our team was able to accomplish these long-term, shareholder value-driven goals while posting Q3 revenues of $4,051,027.” 

SurgePays™ 2.0 Highlights:

  • Surge completed development of a fully electronic and secure onboarding software that replaces time-consuming document management. The SurgeSetup software facilitates filling out and processing multiple licenses, contractual, banking and tax forms, which enables same day store sign-up launches. This is a critical step for onboarding multiple stores simultaneously per day to support growth bursts and eliminates any processing or data management bottlenecks during store enrollments.
  • Stores that have an Internet-connected computer at the register will be able to utilize the new image-driven navigation portal. In addition to all of the traditional wireless and FinTech products, convenience store owners will now have the ability to utilize seamless and simple one-click ordering from several wholesale categories including smartphones, electronics, snacks, CBD products, auto parts, t-shirts and more. Stores can also choose monthly auto-ship while taking advantage of flash specials.
  • Stores that do not have a computer at the register will be able to process SurgePays™ 2.0 transactions on the updated and more robust Verifone VX 520. This new terminal is over 35% less expensive per unit while delivering faster transactions, market-leading security, PCI compliance and the ability for SurgePays™ to additionally offer credit card processing to merchants on the same unit.

Cox further added, “The progress our operations and development team has made continues to demonstrate Surge’s strategy to expand business sectors while leveraging existing infrastructure and human capital. The successes are also reflective of the significant investment into a foundation to position the company for multiple streams of accelerated revenue growth in 2019.”

The SurgePays™ 2.0 live beta testing began November 25th which fits in the time frame for the December 15 release.

An updated comprehensive Surge Holdings Inc. Shareholder Guide was released and is available on the Companies Corporate Website

Make sure to follow CEO Brian Cox on Twitter for thoughts, insight, and progress of not only the short-term goals prioritized in this update, but relevant and material news for Surge: @kbriancox.

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